Angels in Beijing (Beijing)

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    Phone: +86 13520288017
    Also Known As: Beijing Angel Massage
    Availability: Outcall
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    About Me:
    My name is Angel. I am a 22 years old girl living in Beijing. If you're visiting Beijing and wondering how to spend your time here, I can help you with a memorable evening. You can hire any of my friends for hotel massage,private party,dance, and so on. All my friends are below 25 years old. They are good looking and well-mannered. My friends are simple girls that come from decent background. They are either students or holding day-time jobs. Our rates are very reasonable. For the first 90 minutes with full service, our price is RMB 600 for the Girl-Next-Door, RMB 800 or RMB 1,000 for Models quality, excluding taxi fare. There are no other extra charges. We also provide overnight packages. If somehow there is no chemistry between you and my friend, you just need to pay for her taxi fare, and we'll get you a replacement right away. Call me or SMS me at +86 13520288017 at anytime of the day or night! PS: these pictures are not real. They are from another chinese block, nothing to do with the girls she will send to you.
    Woohoo I finally got my hands on a computer so expect lots lots of reports this week. Name : Ling Ling Age : 25~30 (She says 25) Face : 3/5 Body : 3/5 Tits : small B Ass : average asian Service : 3/5 Skills : 3/5 Language : Mandarin, basic english Date : May 2014 City : Beijing Agent : Angels in Beijing Damage : 1200 + 100 WIR : Yes, and I did Before I arrived at Beijing I sent emails to multiple agencies to check if they have girls providing overnights. Only Angel has girls available for overnight, all the other agencies were asking 2000 RMB for 2 hours… I was shocked by the price of the other agencies, so I contacted Angel through weChat and asked for a girl for overnight. I tried to call Angel before, but her english isn’t that great and had a hard time to understand her, so contacting her through wechat in english is a better option if you have time. She replied pretty fast and said overnight is 1200 RMB, I was like wtf? thats pretty cheap need to check it out. Overnight starts at 12:30 until around 8:00 ~ 9:00 depending on the girl . When my hotel bell rang I was so excited just like a kid opening his christmas present. I was really wondering what I will get for 1200 haha. I opened the door and wasn’t all too disappointed, I knew it wouldn’t be a model type for this price, but of course deep inside I hoped for it. So she walked inside and sat down, first she started to talk mandarin, but because I can’t speak mandarin she started to talk english. Her english isn’t that great, she told be she learned it at high school, so I guess its pretty basic. She started to undress and said we should shower first. In the shower we washed each other. She started to wash my LB and I asked if it is ok to get a WBBJ. She immediately started to work on my LB, her BJ skills are so so, is it an Chinese thing to use your teeth during a BJ? I didn’t really enjoyed it as much. After that we started kissing and touching each other in bed and then I started to lick her LS and she started to moan. After switched to 69. Just like under the shower, I didn’t really enjoyed the BJ.So after a few minute I got enough and wanted to fuck. we started in mish, I really like how she was kissing my neck and ears during the action. After a while we switched to CG. WHY Chinese girls so lazy, she only moved for a min and already wanted to switch, I understand it was late and she worked the whole night but damn… I expected more from the pro. I didn’t want to kill the mood so we switched to doggy and I went wild and smacked her ass until I popped. Woohoo that was fun. After that she went to the bathroom and removed her makeup, it took her like 30min… Meanwhile I was trying to sleep. During the night nothing really happened I think we both were pretty tired. In the morning my LB woke up and was ready for action. Ling Ling was still sleeping oh well I let her sleep a bit more. After a while she noticed my LB was awake and she started smiling and started to give me a HJ, the HJ was pretty good. I asked her to lick my balls also but she didn’t want to do it and instead gave me a BJ. After that we did the same routine, mish, cg and doggy. But this time I asked if I can CIM First she didn’t agree but after asking a few times she agreed. So I popped in her mouth and she immediately ran to the bathroom :’( . My cum isn’t that horrible right? After that we showered together and talked a bit. Around 9 I asked her to leave, because I had to go and explorer Beijing. I gave her 1200 and 100 taxi money. Conclusion me and my LB were pretty satisfied and for 1300RMB it is worth it. We left the hotel together, some people looking weird at me in the elevator LOL.
    [Beijing] Angel: never disappointing So I was feeling frisky and asked Angel for my usual girl. Unfortunately she was not in Beijing and has family issues to take care of back home. Anyway she arranges for another girl or should I say lady topay me a visit. Long story short if you are into MILFs then this is your gal. Name: Xiao Feng Approximate age: close to 30? She has that aged milfy look Body: Asian C with appropriate droop for C cups, close to a European build except for no ass like all Chinese women Skills: 4/5 Her BBBJ with finger teasing balls is exceptionally enlightening. DATY was allowed, too bad kissing was not GFE:3/5 She has the GFE but she is a little on the old side for me so i took off some points Would I repeat? Not really, but she can fuck like a champ Damage: 700 total Kind of lazy to write a report but I will describe her face in better detail. She is most likely close 30 years old and I would definitely not do a double take on her if I saw her on the street, but she is a verydecent lay that can CG till your dick falls off XD. Pictures are worth a thousand words so cue her picture!
    My First Outcall Hi RandomBejing, No wonders with Angel either. I had a couple encounters last week with the girls from Angel den. The second one is followed by a big disappointment from the first one. For that she told me, not many girls willing to completely night out which I opt for it. I got a working girl looks not so good 3/10 on my scale, I expected atleast GFE from her but I didn't even got it. After two sessions she slips in to fake sleep and didn't even allowed me touch for the rest of the night. Damage:1300 RMB+Hotel room cost 400 RMB. As I am not happy, angel assured me discount and beautiful girl next time, if it is own place rather than hotel. After two days I called and remind her of the promise. She said ok and sent the one. What to say, she is 30+ age and I only realized a scar below her navel when she undressed. That to. She is not much co-operative. Needless to say no DFK, DATY. I keep my self happy atleast with a good BJ from her.