303 Massage Shop in Wangjing New city (Beijing)

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    Address: close by to 325, near Communications Bank
    DBA in local language: 望京新城三区303号楼按摩店
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    This massage shop is located beside the No. 325, near Communications Bank. This shop has a mix of girls that are usually pretty good and occasionally some stunners. It is not uncommon that other services beyond simple massage (breast massage / FS) are offered, but it depends on the girl. Much higher chance of special services if you do outcall with these places after you know the girl. No. 18 is a beauty and playful.
    I went to this place maybe I found the wrong shop? But I only found 2 shops in building 303, both on 1st floor in same building as the apartment complex, and both didn't offer any special services. only regular massage. Also the map function here is NOT correct which made it difficult to find. The info about it being 303 is correct but NOT 325 which is the adjacent building. 325 is where Communications bank is. Then another shop is just left of the bank if u face the bank. They offer limited special services depending on the girl, some don't even know they offer special services.
    Viewed the info of this massage aprlor on ISG forum. So tried this place out recently. It had a nice setup.  Girls there are sweet and hot. The girls No. 6 and 18 are recommended. Service are good and friendly. This place is worth a try. 
    Lustful Lord
    So recently ive been living in Beijing and found that this place is so very very dry. I have visted songling building twice now and found the girls there only just passable. However after reading here that there was action available in Wangjing I decided to head out and take a look. I had used http://beijing.happymassage.com/ ... -new-city-1606.html this website to find the place I was looking for, it is relatively easy if you take the MTR to wangjing and head out exit A, find the communications bank and its just right behind the communications bank go into the lobby of building 303 (its best if you look for the building sign in day light you should see 303 on the side of the building high up) and its the first door on your right. 303 massage mainly offers HJ and massage at 198 depending on the girl you choose. If you choose girl # 20 she offers FS at 400RMB. #20 from Hunan province age: 23 face: 2.5/5 body: 3/5 breasts: 3/5 (a bit small however nice pink nipples) Pussy: 3/5 This girl gave me a quick massage, no kissing allowed, no daty, no BJ just straight out multiple positions so dont expect service also there is no shower at this place. only wipes.
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