Cogent SPA Health Club(Guomao Branch) (Beijing)

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    Address: 3F, Bldg.3 SOHO, East Third Ring Middle Road
    DBA in local language: 康源SPA保健会所(国贸店)
    Open Hours: 24 hours daily
    Massage Service: Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Others
    Category: Beauty Spa
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    The Cogent SPA Health Club Guomao Branch(Kang Yuan Bao Jian) is close to the Beijing Yintai Center. Apart from the clean and great environment, the therapists here are of great services and techniques. Services provided here include cupping, skin scrub, oil massage and others. The price is reasonable, with per capital consumption about 117RMB.
    #5 I went early afternoon. I decided not to request #5, as I've had her twice before, and take my chances on the girl I received. I love the challenge of new girls! However, #5 walks in. She was acting a little odd. She delivered a great massage, but was very careful not to touch any sensual areas. I found this very odd. When I turned over I asked her about additional services and she said that they do not offer any additional services at this massage shop. I said WHAT? I've been here many times and received those services every time! She looked at me and said with what girl? I said "you. Twice"! She was quite embarrassed and said oh. Ok. She said 300 for HJ. I told her that I have never paid that much before and I offered her 100. She would not budge so I told her to forget it. Not sure what is going on at this place or with #5. Maybe it was her "time of the month"? I have had #6. She is very sexy and delivers excellent service. You really have to negotiate price and not give in to her requests for 300 to 400 for HJ. She will eventually come down to 100.
    I went in the late afternoon of the day after BillyBobBill posted, whom she described as the "English Guy". Thanks for the reports by the way! Got the 1. 5 hour massage with #5. She insisted that fully naked HJ was 800 and that BBB and the other guy who'd visited before me had paid 800. At this point she was almost topless and stroking my massive woody. But I told her 300 for naked HJ was max and wouldn't pay more, except possibly for FS. She didn't' budge so I told her nevermind, just continue with the regular massage. She did get nervous that I might complain to the front desk but as I left and they asked how everything was, I just said fine, no problem. I should have confirmed with #5 for pricing and service right when the massage started. Anyone tried #6 yet?
    Jianwai SOHO 3. Girl number 5 Following the report of BBB I went to Jianwai soho3 spa last Friday to see no5 girl. Luckily she was available when I arrived and I was shown into the room and showered whilst waiting for her. She entered the room as I was drying off and I saw that she is indeed quite a cute thing with a lovely smile and talk pretty good English which always helps. She told me her name is Xuen Xuen or maybe that's Shuen Shuen? So I got onto the bed the girl started to massage my back and shoulders. I told her she was recommended by a friend. She told me that she had already had two other visitors the day before who where friends of BBB! I asked if that bothered her but indeed she seemed quite pleased! Standing by my head she was massaging down my back to my bum and her crotch was pressing against my head each time she did so. Indeed I could feel that she liked it and was purposely rubbing herself more and more against me! She climbed onto the bed so that her crotch was above my head and I held her thighs as she continued to grind against me as she massaged down my back to my buttocks. She pushed down my shorts and massaged my buttocks as she rubbed her ****** against me. She seemed on fire! After a while she stopped climbed of the bed and started massaging me from the side and nibbling my ears and blowing gently into them. It felt very nice indeed. She eventually moved down to my buttocks and legs and massaged them gradually moving towards my balls. She then gave my buttocks and balls a great oily massage that got me very hard. She then surprised my by standing upon the bed and caressing my body with her feet, especially between my thighs and around the balls. After a few minutes of this she kneeled down between my thighs and started stroking my buttocks, balls and cock which was no very hard indeed. After a while asked me to turn over and continued to stroke my cock and balls whilst kissing my nipples, neck and face. And I stroked her legs and eased a hand under her skirt. I then said I would like her to do this naked and would pay the normal rate of 300RMB. . However, this is where she said 'oh no it is 800RMB for that. 300RMB just for HJ'! I told her that my friend paid 300RMB but she denied it and said 'no he paid 800RMB'. This went on for a few minutes. But to her credit she didn't stop stroking my cock and balls. Until I said I'the just have HJ. But I continued to caress her legs, ****** and breasts through her clothes. She has a great little body. She pumped me more and more as I stroked her and her breathing was getting faster and I could tell she was enjoying it. Although probably not as much as me! Each time a finger ran across her ****** lips or touched a nipple under her bra she seemed very excited! Eventually I shot my load and she kept stroking me to get out every last drop! When it came to pay she wanted 500RMB but eventually agreed on 300RMB. I overpaid compared to BBB. But it looks like she seems to have caught on to the normal rates practiced by the other girls there. I wonder what the other two guys paid the day before me? I will certainly go back and give her another visit. It was a very varied and exciting massage. Thanks Billy!
    Number 28 Luna Just had number 28 Luna. Thanks guy for sharing this address. Great service. Thought I would take my chance. Went in there (after somewhat searching but ok). Nice oil massage, and almost from in the beginning she stand quite close to my head with her miniskirt. Gently caressing her legs, up till a moment I went somewhat high. With a gentle nud she resisted. After that She became more open to it, after some chitchat. At the end had to bargain for HJ, but was surely worth the effort.
    JW Soho 3 I went back to JW Soho 3 today in the hope of having another go with the lovely No5 however sadly she wasn't there. She's not working again until next week they said. Anyway, they seemed quite busy today and gave me No 16. Seriously guys, if you go to this place, ask the number of the girl first. If it's No16 then ask to change. I booked 90mins oil massage, had a shower and stood there in a towel. The girl came in and demanded I put the blue paper shorts on. This is something I never do so tried to explain I didn't want them however she started to get a bit loud protesting. I just said, OK, no problem, and started getting dressed again. She asked how many times I'd been there and I said at least 10 so she finally agreed no shorts. She didn't bother covering me up with a towel so I thought maybe it would turn out OK however the massage she started to give on my shoulders was really bad. There was just no effort at all. I asked for hard and she didn't change so I asked for soft and no change either. When it came to my ass there was nothing. It came to turning over and it became clear she had no intention of offering anything else. I asked for a HJ which she demanded 800 for. I refused and offered 100 and wouldn't budge. She finally gave me a half assed 2 fingered HJ, standing right out of reach of me and with a disgusted expression on her face at the thought of doing it. Anyway, by the time she'd finished it was only about 50 mins in so I just called it a day and ended the session. When I went out to the desk they were surprised that I'd finished early and asked if the massage was no good so I just said honestly it wasn't. To be fair, they were very apologetic and didn't want to charge me but I said there was no need for that and paid. They said I can have a free one next time which I settled for. What happened next was the actual No 16 came out and the receptionist said something to her and she started shouting. I have no idea what was said but it was along the lines that she gave a good massage. Anyway I just left then. It seems that this place has hired a load of new girls and become a bit popular. As I was leaving there were some really sexy looking minx's smiling and hanging around so I will be back again next week to claim my freebee. Moral of the story. Check the number of the girl you get given first. No 16 is not bad looking but everything else is a failure.
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