He Sheng Yuan Massage Center (Beijing)

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    Website: http://www.bestmassagebeijing.com/
    Phone: 010-65619729
    Address: Van Palace Apartments, Suite 3102, West Wing, No. 1 Jinghua Nanjie,
    Also Known As: Van Palace Massage
    DBA in local language: 和生缘专业按摩中心
    Open Hours: 9am-8pm daily
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Located near the Jintai Xizhao Subway station, the He Sheng Yuan Massage Center enjoys convenient location. The 24-hour center provides services such as foot massage, traditional Chinese body massage, aromatic oil massage, lymphatic drainage massage, head and shoulder massage, kidney massage, hot stone treatment, deep tissue massage and facial treatment. Offering a great sense of peace and precious touch, the He Sheng Yuan Massage Center delivers the Perfect Massage to guest. Appointment is required. Per capital consumption is about 150RMB.<br />
    <span style="color:#FF0000"><strong>Editor's Note:</strong><br />
    The shop has been closed.</span>
    One of the best best ever in Beijing... but closed by now :-(
    Van Palace 3102 I decided to give this place another try as it's been over a year since my last visit here. Bored in the office, lazy and the weather is very hot at the moment so I couldn't be bothered to walk the extra few minutes across the road to my more favourite ones. I really wish I had though. I never liked VP much because; 1. The girls are not nice (I don't know if this changes in the evening but daytime they aren't) 2. Only 1 room has a shower and if this if being used you end up in another small 'room' which is actually part of the main room and just blocked off with drawers and cabinets. Basically you can see and hear people walking around the other side through the cracks. 3. Linked to the above, if you do end up in this room, they will give you a wash down after with a bucket and a rag instead (yeehaa!) 4. Price. There is no set price for extras. Everything is available but the girl always keeps on and on pushing for stupid high prices, even after you have said you have been there many times before. Anyway, ended up going back because I fancied a BJ where the girl doesn't gag and gob everything out at the end and I remembered they do give good ones here. Went in and was surprised by a really nice looking young girl on the desk. Asked for an oil massage and got taken to the room. Yep the room without shower. I got undressed, didn't bother with the shorts, and waited. Then this really (very) fat girl walked in dressed in net stocking. I asked for the girl on the desk but she said no, she was doing it. I thought, never mind, close my eyes and it will be OK. Started with an OK oil massage top and back, occasionally reaching down to the nut sack. Then spent a good 10 minutes from behind giving a ball massage. Great. Then flipped me over and started giving a slow HJ asking what I wanted. I said blow job, she said 2000. I said no, been there before. 400. She said no. 2000. This went on for what seemed like a few minutes, all the time she was rubbing me up. She wouldn't budge on the 2000 so I said OK and got up off the table to leave. As soon as I did that, she said OK 400. (works every time) She started with really good BJ, getting her tits out and rubbing them over me while sucking my balls. She also ventured down for a bit of a rimming while the tit job was going on. A pet favourite of mine. Anyway, she grabbed my hand and started to rub it between her legs, clearly wanting me to touch her. This is where it all went bad. She started asking for 2000 again so I said no. She kept on and on until I stopped her and got up. In the end she went back to the 400 and carried on. She was quite a fat bird with multiple folds but she peeled off those net sockings, pulled down her panties and went to grab my hand to place there while giving the BJ. That's when I opened my eyes, looked down and saw a bloody sanitary towel stuck there. No way! Anyway, I reeled in, closed my eyes again and let her carry on with the BJ. Which to be fair, I was enjoying. Finished up, she drank the whole lot down and kept sucking until there was nothing left. After she carried on with the front massage. She did try and massage my balls to get me going again but I had finished and didn't want a second pop. Time up, she went out, got the bucket and rag, washed me down and I left. Total damage 200 for oil massage (more than I remember) plus 400 for a good, full to the end blow job. Price not too bad and I got the end result was achieved but all in all, not a great time. I know quite a few people here like this place but I really don't think I'll go there again. I will walk that bit further to the better ones where I go more regularly where the girls are a lot better and theres no messing around half way through with stupid prices. I would be interested to know if there are better girls later in the day though
    Heaven Knows
    The morning after I met her at the lobby to hand her the gift of 'currency' and we parted ........ she leaving for her next appointment at Kerry Hotel while me preparing to check out He Sheng Yuan Massage two blocks from my hotel. Read the post that bro Happy China posted and remembered its exact address. Lobby of this place was practically empty except for two atm's churning out cash and three well dressed office workers talking at the top of their voices. Not knowing which tower was west, I took my chances and proceeded right. Pressed floor 31 and walked through two heavy glass doors. When I arrived at 3102 I knocked on the wooden door twice and finally a sleepy looking girl opened the door. Upon entering, I found the place a tard different from the website although there were some similarities from the pictures. She handed me a laminated menu of services and being polite I took it and told her I would like to have a oil massage although ther were no indication of any oil massage available here. She nodded and led me to a room with a single bed. While in this rooms getting undressed, I looked around and it did not seem familiar with the photos on the website ...... but what the heck, I was already in there and was hoping I would have another girl instead of the one who I first came across. There were two other ladies outside in the hallway busy preparing some looking herbs which neither did I hope was the one massaging me................
    AJ Sasha
    He Sheng Yuan Spent all morning at the bureaue of foreign affairs, which pretty much ruined the mood for the whole day. Annoyed and tired, returned home and decided to go out to release some frustration. After some brief browsing, ended up choosing the He Sheng Yuan parlor (Van Palace, West Wing. 3102; next to the Kerry Center). Why? Because I liked the interior design, shown on their website gallery. And you know what? Photoshop creates miracles. The actual place hardly resembles the provided photos. Nevertheless, the interior is not utterly bad. Some elements of dark wood decorations, a bit light walls, cleanish, a bit warned out, dimmed lights in the treatment room. There are 3 standard massage beds in the room and a shower. Not sure, if they have more rooms, but the whole place is quite small, taken it is a converted appartment. Upon entering the parlor, the receptionist immediately handed over a laminated sheet of paper with a price list to me. It was obvious she was having a hard time to say something in English, so she called her colleague, who actually struggled with English even more. The list of options consists of about a dozen of treatments. They are written in Chinese and English. I didn't care to read all of them, since their titles didn't make much sense to me anyway, so I picked randomly. Don't remember the name, but it was 200 RMB / 60m. Majority of choices are around 200+, and there is also a four hands service for about 400 or something. I was taken care by a girl #6. Not my type for sure. I'd give her about 31 yo. 165 in height, long dark hair, not pretty on a face (4-5) , big boobs, big ass, not a slim one on her belly, ok legs. She didn't speak a word in English, or at least she claimed that she didn't, so I switched to Chinese. I didn't want to bother changing, and decided to give her a try. She escorted me to the room and brought the pijamas for massage. I understood it is going to be a dry massage, so no oily fantasies. After handing me over the clothes to change, she went out for a few minutes and came back in a completely different uniform. She was wearing high heels, fishnet black stockings and a maid type of dress. By that time I was already on the massage bed, waiting for her. She started with a normal dry massage on my back and legs. Soon after she climbed on top of me and continued with her legs all over my body, touching sensitive areas to make me hard. At that point I understood that I have chosen a massage oriented for those who likes lingrie fettish. Since I am not that much into stockings, I didn't really feel overly excited about it, but it was still pleasant and she tried to make me comfortable. The massage quality and the techniques of the masseuse are definitely not up to par with some green places, but you wouldn't go there for a good massage, I suppose. Still, later in the evening, my shoulders felt that I had a massage today, so I guess she did ok. Long story short. After all her teasing, I got a good boner, so she asked if I want her to give me a HJ and we entered the bargaining stage. I started with a 100 for a HJ. She started with 1k for a BJ. Since, she was not my type, I didn't even consider to bargain an FS. She started to stroke me, while we were negotiating, which was nice. With pretty much no effort I brought it down to 400. I am sure I could make it to 300 quite easily, but I wasn't in a mood, so agreed on 400 for BBBJ with my hands free to roam. She did well, with all the juices shakes, saliva bridges, chmocking sounds (just invented that word) and a good eye contact. After she finished, I washed my thing, gave her tips as we agreed, dressed up, went out to the counter, paid 200 and was on my way. Summary: #6. Dmg 600 RMB: a juicy BBBJ / CIM / hands free. Would I go there again? Might as well go there again, but would choose another girl and another treatment. She said there are 5 girls working there and out-call is available. Has anyone been there? Maybe you could recommend me one or two, so I don't have to explore. By the way, could anyone recommend a place in Beijing with good environment (Chinese royal style) , where a girl or two would wash you / with you, massage, FS included? Basically a king treatment. I had no problems finding one in the South, like Chengdu or Shanghai. Even a bit outside of Beijing, like Datong in Shangxi. But having a hard time finding one here. P. S. It's my first post, so my appologies, if I broke some rules.
    I have been visiting massage places since I arrived and started with Van place west 3102. Went there quite regularly and services to begin with and progressed from massage with HJ, to double girl massage and HJ, to two girl BBBJ and double girl BBBJ and FS. I had a couple of favorites there who although they are not real lookers are pretty hot in the room. I often saw the manageress who speaks decent English: sometimes by herself and sometimes with another girl. She really knows how to suck cock. With plenty or licking sucking and slobbering! And has a very impressive pair of breasts that she uses to good effect. FS is pretty good too as she is quite willing to get into many positions and let me give her a real good shag. I always finish by shooting either in her mouth or on her face depending on how I'm feeling! Her colleague LuLu doesn't not speak English but is much slimmer with a nice little ass. She too does a pretty good BBJ and sex is pretty hot. Although she isn't too keen on CIM or COF so generally shot on her nice ass or breasts. But it could be pretty expensive and massage / BBBJ / FS can be around 800-1000Y all included with a 100Y voucher for next time. I used to negotiate a double for about 1500Y.
    I think I came on a bad day there was only one girl free number 6 tila I think her name was a bit old maybe pushing 40 but still good body. Massage cost 200 the extras were 700. I tried to negotiate 500 like the previous poster did but she wanted 1000. So worked down to 700. Paid too much I know tried to whole I always pay 500 here blah blah and she peeked in my wallet when I was paying for the massage so she knew how much I had on me. Anyways its my last day here so fuck it. Was nice she disrobed and did a lot of DATY. Then BBBJ with cum in mouth finish and DFK. Was nice if I comr back to Beijing I would go again and hopefully get a better looking girl
    Van Palace Guomao I decided to venture back to Van Palace MP that I haven't been to in a few months. Girls there are ok. To my standards. They are wearing very short skirts, fishnet stockings and very low cut tops. Showing off nice breasts! I was blessed with girl number nine. She provided a very nice massage and I could tell where it was going from where her hands were going! After I rolled over, the massage got even better! She asked for 1000 for BBBJ and I talked her down to 500. A little high for me but I was horny! She took her top off, pulled down her fishnet stockings and crawled up onto the table and we were deep into 69 action. I thoroughly enjoyed this and lasted maybe 15 minutes. She cleaned up and finished my massage. Total damage was 500 for BBBJ / 69 and 200 for the massage. My Thursday night was now complete! Happy hunting!
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