Jiang Nan Foot Massage (Beijing)

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    Address: 15,Lingtongguan,Yong anli zhong Street
    Local language address: 北京市朝阳区灵通观15号
    Also Known As: Jiangnan Lavipeditum
    DBA in local language: 江南足浴
    Open Hours: 11:00-24:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    About Me:
    This foot massage shop(Jiangnan Lavipeditum, but now changed its name into “海天港休闲会所”) is not big, so the price is also very cheap, the foot massage is about 50rmb, but different massage has different price, the business in this shop is very busy, sometimes you have booked in advance, you may also need to wait, the massage girls in this shop are very beautiful, they can also provide TY(推油 push oil) and XT(胸推 breast massage) service. Water spa at 488 rmb, a 70 minutes minutes massage, including almost naked b2b massage, cat bath and covered BJ to completion. 288 RMB for oil massage and 388 RMB for body to body massage.
    Checked out this place today, quite easy to find once your on Yongan Li Zhong Street. The lady at the counter was very nice and introduced me to all the different massages. Anyways I picked the 188RMB Oil Massage, the place looked very old and dirty. Was brought to a room and waited for my ML to come, she was above average, I proceeded to change and got on with the massage. 20mins backrub and she asked whether i wanted a Butt massage and HJ for 100RMB, or a Breast Butt HJ Massage for 200RMB. Choose the latter, she took off her top and started the massage allowing me to touch. Soon I flipped over and she started the HJ, after like 15mins I asked if I could finger her, she nodded and was moaning away. 20mins later I came and she cleaned me good. :) Went for a shower and finished with a short leg massage till my time was up. Room : 4 Girl Looks : 6 Massage : 6 HJ : 7
    Boobs 711
    Found the place easily enough. There is 2 massage joint in the same building. The firs one is a blind man massage. Went in and browse thru the menu, picked the foot massage at rmb88 followed by the rmb368 body massage. The foot massage was not bad. I had the ginger treatment on the knee (part of the foot massage service) and supposedly helps with the blood circulation. Then on for the oil massage. Hot so just stripped naked and lie facedown. Massage is so so. After 30 mins or so, she started to caress the back and legs all over. Suddenly she stopped. There was some rustling sound, she was taking her clothes off. Then the soothing feel of boobs caressing my back, buttock and legs and this goes on for a while. After a while I can't stand it anymore, arched my back and slowly turned over to face her. She smiled and whispered something I cannot understand. And thus starts an unexpected foreplay type session. Me on her and she on me. Ever try a handjob session in various positions in an MP? Not too bad at thus place. Will I return. If I am in the area, yes.
    So the other day, I travelled to this Jiang Nan Foot Massage place near Guomao. I remember reading something about the water spa massage for 488 RMB which included a BJ, so I figured, why not giving it a try.

    This place is actually directly next to another massage place, so be careful which one you actually March into (Jiang Nan as in "River South"). First thing, they hand me a menu with some veggie massages, and I asked if they didn't have the water spa anymore. The front desk guy goes like "Aha. You probably want this menu" and hands me another one. After pointing out the desired massage option, he accompanies me upstairs into a room with a shower (both room and shower are not exactly super clean, so I suppose you got to be horny. At least I was). I was a little surprised, I wasn't given a choice of massage lady, but when she showed up, I was rather pleased, as she was pretty enough. The bed was shockingly small. Maybe 190x80, the ML told me, they had to remove all the bigger beds due to the crackdown.

    I undressed and lay down on my belly, so she started massaging my back. After a short while, she also undressed and started kissing my back. She asked me whether I wanted something that involved my butt, I didn't understand her completely, because my Mandarin doesn't exactly cover all that vocabulary, and also she had a southern accent. I politely declined, so she asked me to turn around. She started fondling my little friend and tried to suit him up at one point. Strangely enough she had some problems with this, claiming my dick was too big. WTF? While I could have been flattered, I'm pretty sure, I'm regular sized. Anyhoo, I asked her to take off her panties and she finally managed to suit him up with another condom and started the job, while I explored her perfectly shaved pussy.

    After a happy ending, I was offered to take a shower, which I took, and the massage lady left me for 5 minutes. When she came back, she finished the massage (after all, I did pay for a 70 minute massage).

    Face: 7

    Body: 8 (nice B-Cup) 

    Massage: 5

    BJ: 6
    I was in the Guomao area today and decided to try out this mp. It was an excellent experience! I opted for the 368rmb 60 min Palace Massage which is a kidney and breast massage. HJ included! I had girl #9. She is very pretty and very petite. 25 years old. She is very flat chested, so if big breasts are important, don't request #9. She stays in the room and helps me get undressed. I put on the spa shorts and she starts with my massage. After about 15min she takes all of her clothes off except her panties. Which were a see thru thong (thick jungle down there and nice tight little ass). She starts to lick me all over and rub her tiny breasts on my body. This goes on for about 10min and she asks me to roll over. She gives a great HJ. Very vocal and lots of body rubbing! She allows touching everywhere. Even the jungle! She treated me like a king! After I released my load, she cleaned up and finished my massage. I showered and she helped me get dressed. A very nice girl and we exchanged QQ info! 
    Easy to find, my first time in Beijing. select from the menu, I chose the 368 to get a nuru style massage, thx for the help from this forum.

    Girl was ok looking, bit of tummy and I had full roaming access. Will return.
    The pros - the massage is about 30-40 minutes, so no 5 minute quickie then onto the HJ. The therapists really try to please. Location is great for those who work in Guomao. They really allow roaming if the chemistry is good.

    The cons - not the most beautiful, but that is about it. There are several rooms without a shower. But if you go at a free time, then you can get the one that does.
    i can also confirm: price and location...can't be beat. i recently had #20 from Fuzhou...not great, but adequate. price, is what it is, paid at the front, no haggling.
    Girls are not the best looking but it's cheap.
    Hi All, I tried this place last week and I do confirm the service and the price. I took the 368 RMB "palace kidney massage" (BTW, usually any massage package involving kidney massage will include HJ as the Chinese do believe that the sexual power is linked to the kidney's health and strength). This involve a reasonnably good 15 minutes back massage and then the girl gets almost aked (only keep panty) and licks you all over the back, hips and balls. Then flip face up and licking goes on. Then she goes on with a slo HJ and keep on licking everywhere, except BJ. During the process, touching the girl all over is allowed. For such a price and in Guomao area, it is the best value for money so far. As commented before, it is very good for those working in this area and wishing to sneak out at lunch time for a quick relief. Have fun!
    I went back to this place again today and went straight for the 268 massage. It is not on the menu, you will have to request it. Last time I had #12, which I wouldn't recommend based on her looks. This time I had #9 who is much younger, but also skinny and had small breasts, she made up with good personality and encouraged me to play with her body all over. Surprisingly 268 includes a basic oil massage and everything was about 60 minutes, not just a rushed HJ. Those working around Guomao and CBD, you can give this place a go and share your experiences.
    MP Near Guomao Recently I discovered an MP at the back of the Twin Towers near Guomao. This could be convenient for those who work or live near the CBD. The place is on Yong An Li Zhong Jie, about 150 meters south of Yong An Xi Li. I went in without knowing what was available and took the 138 Japanese oil massage. It was pretty obvious from the look of the place, something extra was available. After some 20 minutes of massage, the girl offered HJ with 3 add-on options. Cheapest was hundred something, maybe 168, which is just a HJ. 268 for HJ and freely touch. And 368 for getting naked and breast massage. I opted for 268 and the girl then proceeded to massage my ass, groin and finally release. During the process I was able to touch and finger her freely. She was in no hurry and told me she can massage it slowly, keep it hard until whenever I wanted to release. She told me that to save money, next time I can just go straight to the HJ. 268 only. There is no negotiation on the price, seems very standard and also paid at the front desk, no need for tip to the girl. Also they take UnionPay cards if you don't have cash, not sure about Visa. Now, the girl I had was not young nor that good looking, but did have great breasts and knew how to give a good HJ. Haven't seen any other girls. From the board at the reception, they have about 5-7 girls on duty. This is the cheapest on total price HJ MP I have found around Guomao so far. And good for those wishing to sneak out at lunch time for a quick relief.
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