Jiangnan Zudao (Beijing)

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    Address: No.1-1, Gong Ti Bei Lu
    DBA in local language: 江南足道
    Open Hours: 5.p.m-1.a.m
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    The Jiangnan Zudao is located in Sanlitun area, between Gongti Bei Lu and the Holiday Inn, on the east side of the road. It's next to the rainbow restaurant. If you walk in this shop and tell the front desk that you want the RMB 200 oil massage. They'll take you upstairs to a room with shower, pretty worn out room. Actually, this shop is specialized in foot massage, the place also provide the services such as body massage and others. Foot Massage and Body Massage in big blue letters and has palm trees on the sign above the door. Massage girls in this shop are very enthusiastic, their massage is decent and HJ is excellent and naughty. Negotiate the tip and extras with them when the massage starts, what they will do and how much they charges is up to them but figure something like RMB 200 to 300 tip for a HJ is standard for foreigners in this neighborhood. Though the place is not big, the price is reasonable and the service is great, so Jiangnan Zudao has received many foreign customers. Per capital consumption is about 100RMB.
    The majority of girls are ugly and old, service is poor and prices are much too high. One girl was an exception and she's leaving. Rooms are dirty, shower door missing on some rooms, cigarettes on the floor. If someone is still insisting on going, expect to pay 198 for oil massage plus tip for HJ. They will ask for 200 to 300, try and pay 100 to 200 maximum. Or just walk out and have them DROP the price. There are better choices nearby.
    Chunxiu Lu So after more than a year here I decided to go for a massage. A colleague swears by his monthly 500rmb happy ending oil body massage so I decided to check out the massage place in Chunxiu Lu that was mentioned some pages back. Upon entering, I was given a menu written in ENglish and Chinese. 70 minute oil massage is 198rmb. I ask for that and get shown to a room upstairs. Nothing fancy but clean. A tall girl, short hair, cute smile, about a 7-7. 5 in looks department came in and motioned for me to change my clothes. She pretty much doesn't speak ENglish other than a few words, a bit like why CHinese. I found out she's 28 years old and goes by the name of Yuenyuen. She started on my back, good technique, strong hands, and eventually pulled my shorts down and kneaded my ass. While doing so I asked how much extras are, she said for a oil happy ending, I'd have to pay her 300 and pay 200 downstairs. I wasn't sure if this was way too much, but I guess it sounded average in the end. (know a guy who is a regular punter in Tiantongyuan and claims to get FS for less that but he's ABC). Anyway I agree and she proceeded. WHile doing so I asked her to take her top off, she lifted it up and undid her bra, for her to take down her pants would have been an extra 200 which I didn't have and wouldn't have paid anyway. I said "tagaile" and she just laughed. She said it was ok to touch her through her pants and I could kiss her tits. THe touching through pants was lame and phoney, but she did seem a bit excited. Has a really soft body which I like. After I came, she kissed me on the cheek and otioned for me to have a shower a few doors down the hall, I wasnt sure if it was safe to leave my things, but in the end I showered took my time, and was done in 10 minutes. SHe was chatting to some other girl the whole time outside the door. I went back to the room and she continued with a regular body massage, again good technique, and it was a nice GFE. However, after 45 minutes after I first entered the room she asked if I wanted her to go over my legs or back again. This was where things got a bit strange. I was wondering why it finished so quickly. I said arms, then after 10 minutes she thanks e and I got dressed then asked why it was over when it was meant to be 70 minutes according to the menu. I even showed her a phone log of when I'd called a friend less an hour beforehand, and 10 minutes before I even arrived. She rattled off some explanation in CHinese which I couldn't understand, so I paid her, went downstairs, looked long at the menu, paid the 200 and went out. SHe stood there looking a bit concerned. So am I missing something? How much should I have paid and why did it finish early?
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