Wonderful Massage Center (Beijing)

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    Address: R.101, 1F, Bldg.13, West Gate of Central Park, Chaowai Dajie
    Local language address: 北京市朝阳区 金桐西路
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    About Me:
    Located right in front the World city, the Wonderful Massage Center is an ideal leisure venue that provides a variety of treatments such as oil massage, foot massage, full body massage and Thai massage and other healthcare treatments. Featuring nice interior decorations and clean environment, the place houses professional therapists that provide reliable services. 

    PS: Grace is no longer in Wonderful Massage. Now she is in Jiangnan Foot Massage
    Occasionally found this place and saw a milf at the counter. Nina led me in and she was such a nice girl. Payed Y300 in total, and she started to massage me which was pleasantly amazing, and it became more and more sensual, then moved to focus on my cock with great hand actions. I could tell she was really enjoy it and I would definitely come again!
    small place but one of the best erotic massages I had. Ask for Nina she does not offer FS or BJ but has magic hands. Other Girls offer also FS.
    Yeay I did find the place. Thanks a lot for the responses. I went there yesterday evening but found the floor was freakinly quiet. Is the place always quiet like that or is it just because on Sunday? I was too pussy to enter and then backed off.

    I walked back to central park and tried Wonderful Massage Center instead as per Worm's recommendation. Easy to find, just next to Jenny Lou's and one bigger spa (Air Spa?). I entered only to find one lady in the front desk. She said there was no one else at that time. She is physically so so, and most likely older than me. I opted for Thai massage (380) and it did feel damn good. She offered a HJ for 500, negotiated down to 250.

    She really took her time for the HJ. Somehow she liked to stick his finger to my precious sun hole and I kept saying no-no. I still want to try the rabbit and HSY, probably during workdays.
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