Yimengge Silk Foot Massage Club (Beijing)

    Posting ID: 1713      Latest Update: 06/19/2014
    Address: Lishuiqiao, Chaoyang District
    DBA in local language: 忆梦阁丝足养生会所
    Open Hours: 10:00—24:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    This shop is a normal silk foot massage club, there is no special service in this shop, please understand and if you would like to come, pleas make an appointment for 30 minutes in advance, you can receive the professional and traditional silk foot massage service in this shop, such as (1) 298 yuan: meridian hydraulic + silk foot (60 minutes); (2) 398 yuan: lymph drainage + + uniform temptation + filar socks massage, foot care of love (to send color or black socks, free shower) (80 minutes); (3) : 498 yuan (two sets of uniform temptation + knight massage + legs roaming + crystal color silk flying fingers roam the + + lymph drainage + foot care of love (send color stockings and free shower) (90 minutes).
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